Cheat Sheet

This makes key coordinates on keyboard project coordinates of the desktop.

For example, it maps Space key to the lower center. Thus, if you type f->Space, jump the mouse cursor to lower center.

However, the keyboard map is defferent according to languages, so you are able to choose the keyboard type at Preferences/Settings/Common/Keyboard Type.

Additionaly, positions of key are very hardware-dependent, so if you don't like default keyboard mapping, you can make optimized custom.kmp as follow ways.

  1. Choice Custom in Preferences/Settings/Common/Keyboard Type.
  2. Please open the custom.kmp. If you use the installer version, the file exists ~/.win-vind/custom.kmp. If you use zip, it does win-vind/config/custom.kmp
  3. Rewrite the kmp file.
  4. Syntax
    [Xposition]    [Yposition]    [KeyCode]
    • the delimiter is some space. By the way, one space is same as multiple spaces.
    • You must write a syntax per line.
    • [Xposition] and [Yposition] are positive values. Also, Left Upper at the real keyboard is (0, 0) and the max value of X means right-end, Y does bottom.
    • [KeyCode] is ASCII Code or KMP Key Code.
    • It is not supported Fn Key. In addition, Toggle Key for example, CapsLock or NumLock, is sometimes ignored because kept the push-release-state of the key by hardware according to a product.
    • Example

It makes cursor jump center of most foreground window.

It is equel to Alt + Tab.

It starts command prompt and is equal to typing cmd at Command Prompt. You can change started application by rewriting in Preferences/Shortcut Apps/Console.

It starts a registered application and you can register command to Preferences/Shortcut Apps.

If you register notepad.exe as notepad, could launch it by typing :!notepad like below.

It has two calling ways.

  1. Absolutely
  2. If you want to make TestDirectory in C:/ParentDirectory, write like a bellow.
    :mkdir C:/ParentDirectory/TestDirectory

  3. Relatively
  4. On the premise that the current directory are opened by explorer.exe, if you want to make TestDirectory in current directory, type as follow.
    :mkdir TestDirectory
    By the way, It is same as New folder on explorer.exe. If no window of explorer.exe is opened, it regard the current directory as ~/Desktop.

It regards a foreground window as the target for Dedicate to Window.

It cancels targeting for Dedicate to Window.