Vim Key Binder for Windows

Latest release v4.3.2


win-vind is a toolbox to operate Windows inspired by Vim and its plugins.


System Design

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Configuration File Example

You can configure it in .vimrc style. What you can do in .vindrc is switch options, set parameters, remap low-level keys, and define function bindings.

" ------------ Example ------------
" Virtual command line options
set shell = cmd
set cmd_fontsize = 14
set cmd_roughpos = LowerLeft
set cmd_maxchar = 100

" Enable block style caret
set blockstylecaret
set blockstylecaret_mode = solid

" Low-level key mapping in resident mode
rmap <capslock> <ctrl>

" Define bindings in GUI normal mode
gnnoremap <c-h> select_left_window
gnnoremap <c-l> select_right_window
gnnoremap <c-k> select_upper_window
gnnoremap <c-j> select_lower_window

" Define bindings in insert mode
imap <capslock> <f16>
inoremap <f16> to_edi_normal

imap <ralt> <f17>
inoremap <f17> easy_click_left

imap <app> <f18>
inoremap <f18> window_resizer

" Define keystroke macros
gnnoremap <ctrl-1> :!notepad<cr>
gnnoremap <ctrl-2> :e<cr>


This software is provided by MIT License.