Latest release v5.11.3

What is this?

win-vind provides a lightweight hybrid UI system of CUI and GUI for Windows.
By installing this tool, you will be able to control the Windows GUI in the same way as Vim.

1. Vim-user friendly.

All configuration methods and mode concepts are derived from Vim, allowing for Vim-like UI operation.
Vim users only need to understand win-vind’s macro features and additional mode concepts with little learning cost.

2. There are many useful built-in commands.

You don’t have to worry about complicated scripts and dependencies like with traditional key binding tools.
You can freely create user-defined commands by combining low-level optimized built-in commands.

3. Very portable and fully open source.

win-vind is a small single binary with no dependencies that runs with user permissions.
It is also available from the command line as a command for UI operations like $ win-vind -c "ggyyGp".

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Configuration File Example

You can configure it in .vimrc style. What you can do in .vindrc is switch options, set parameters, remap low-level keys, and define function bindings.

" Choose the version of {tiny, small, normal, big, huge}.
version normal

" Change parameters
set shell = cmd
set cmd_fontsize = 14
set cmd_fontname = Consolas
set easyclick_bgcolor=E67E22
set easyclick_fontcolor=34495E

" Map capslock to ctrl.
imap <capslock> {<ctrl>}

" Define useful shortcuts
inoremap <ctrl-shift-f> <easyclick><click_left>
inoremap <ctrl-shift-m> <gridmove><click_left>
inoremap <ctrl-shift-s> <switch_window><easyclick><click_left>

" Register application launchers
noremap <ctrl-1> :! gvim<cr>
noremap <ctrl-2> :e<cr>

" Define macros like Vim
enoremap t ggyyGp

" Apply auto-commands
autocmd AppLeave * <to_insert>
autocmd AppEnter,EdiNormalEnter vim.exe <to_resident>


This software is provided by MIT License.