How to use

  1. Please download latest version win-vind from Downloads.
  2. Execute the installer or unzip.
  3. Start win-vind.
  4. In default, the mode is GUI Nomral. You can setup :set or :config or right-click on the system tray.
  5. In the end, you can terminate win-vind by :exit or right-click on the system tray.


win-vind has plenty of hotkeys and commands, but they are based on the original Vim. Some little differences are that its mode has two layers and its unique functions for GUI. Concretely, they are GUI Mode and Editor Mode.



You can customize all key bindings by GUI based settings or rewriting JSON settings file easily.

Details of Functions
Autotrack Popup

For example, if shown Are you sure you want to move this file to the Recycle Bin?, it automatically moves the cursor to popup.

Dedicate To One Window

If you focus on a selected window, win-vind is only validated on its window. Concretely, if you select a target window, it changes mode to Editor Normal Mode. Also, selected other windows, it changes to GUI Insert Mode. You can switch targeting by Enable Targeting and Disable Targeting.

Virtual Command Line

It makes inputed commands to display and the current mode on the screen.